May 06, 2012

Fate Line
Strong fate lines belong to people who settle into a pattern of life early. Weak fate lines tend to belong to people who are unsettled and tend to change jobs a lot. Fate lines starting at the very bottom of the palm indicate people who settle into their life path early. When the fate line ends at the head line it indicates a person who seems to lose their way somewhere between 30 to 40 years old. You will find

that most fate lines end at the heart line. However if the fate line runs all the way almost to the middle finger these people tend to be active right up into old age. A fate line that is tied to the heart line indicates a restricted childhood. Two fate lines are found on people who pursue two careers at the same time. The absence of a fate line indicates a person who lacks stability. It is also found on the hands of alcoholics and drug addicts. 

Fire Hand
The fire hand has a long palm and short fingers. People with this shaped hand tend to be active, outgoing and often extroverts. They are excitable and emotional. They like to be in charge and control other people. There is always a large number of strong lines on the hands and usually whorl fingerprints. Fire handed people tend to have a lot of injuries and accidents. 

Earth Hand
People with an earth hand have square palms with short fingers. There are usually few lines and often arches on the fingertips. People with this hand dont like change. They tend to be slow in nature and have a strong affinity to nature and the bush. They are emotionally stable and make the best workers. Interesting is the fact that you often find successful artists and photographers with earth hands. Most people with trade jobs such as a carpenter have earth hands. People with an Earth hand usually like outdoor jobs, and prefer job security. 

Air Hand
In palmistry The air hand has a square palm with long fingers. The lines tend to be thin and the prints are usually loops. They are good at talking and writing. They are cheerful and happy people who often end up working in the communication industry. They need constant intellectual stimulation and have a low boredom threshold. They often like flying and travel. They may have written a book or often think about it. 

Water Hand
Water hand people have a palm that is rectangular with long fingers. The hand tends to have a large amount of fine lines. The prints are also usually loops. Many people with this hand make good poets and musicians. They also go well in the fashion and beauty industry. They love to go sailing or boating. For people with this hand emotions are more important than reason. 

Middle Finger
If the middle finger is long it indicates a person who treats life very seriously. They believe strongly in getting ahead. People with short middle fingers are careless and generally prefer not to work Most people tend to have a middle sized middle finger, meaning they are somewhere in between. 

Ring Finger
If the ring finger is long the person will have a creative nature. They will go well in the field of art or fashion design. Sometimes this long ring finger is associated with people who have a gambling problem. Short ring fingers are extremely rare. 

Little Finger
People with long little fingers have a high I.Q. They make good writers and speakers and have a strong sex drive. A short little finger reveals emotional immaturity. If the little finger is low set it indicates the person as a child had a problem with one of their parents. In some cases it indicates they were a victim of child abuse. If the little finger sticks out from the hand it may indicate the person is involved in a relationship they do not want to be in. 

Simian Line
The simian line runs across the hand replacing the heart and head line. It is a sign of inner tension. It may be destructive or creative or even both. Its interesting to note that people who tend to be religious fanatics tend to have a simian line. Medicine has also found that simian lines may also be associated with certain types of heart defects. People with a simian line never really find peace. They spend their entire lives searching for an answer they never really find. To the person with the simian line there is only right or wrong and nothing in between. People with this line work twice as hard, study twice as hard and fight twice as hard. 

Finger Tip Shapes
Square : People who have these fingertips tend to be careful and methodical thinkers. These people take a rational view of life.
However on the down side they tend to lack creativity.
Pointed : These people have a sensitive and fragile personality.
These finger tips are associated with artists, writers, poets and daydreamers.
Conic : These people have a flexible disposition and make good negotiators.
Emotional security is important for peace of mind.
Spatula : These are action people who tend to be dynamic thinkers.
They are usually inventors, explorers and pioneers in new industries. 

Finger Prints
Whorls : A person whose fingerprints are mainly whorls will be an individualistic, not just one of the crowd. These people are often very talented and are good at keeping secrets.
Arch : A person with mostly arch fingerprints will be the suspicious type, never believing anything until it is proven. These people go well in trade work and are good, hard workers.
Loops : Everyone gets on well with a person whose fingerprints are mainly loops. They have good communication skills and all round capability.
Tented Arch : These people become deeply involved in everything that they do.
Composite Print : This is a rare print.
People with this have trouble making up their mind and are difficult to deal with. 

Measuring age timeline in palmistry. 

Apollo Line
The Apollo line is sometimes known as the line of sun. The line is not present in every hand but when it is it is a sign of happiness and achievement. The apollo line is also associated with a creative talent. The apollo line may commence from different points in the palm. Success tends to come to those whose apollo line starts high in the palm. If the apollo line is patchy it indicates that success will be patchy. In hands where there is no apollo line it tends to show that the person feels that happiness is out of reach. When there is multiple apollo lines it may indicate a person has many talents but is master of none. If the apollo line springs from the fate line it shows the point in life that the persons talents where recognized. Winning a substantial amount of money is indicated by a star on an apollo line. An island on the apollo line indicates a period where there is a loss of self esteem. 

Medical Stigmata In Palmistry
There is a pattern often found on the hands of medical people which is called the medical stigmata. It is a small patch of vertical lines beneath the little finger. People with this marking are drawn to medical or social work. It is very common on the hands of nurses yet less common on the hands of doctors. This is interesting because it shows that some doctors choose their career path for money and prestige where as it tends to show that nurses are more emotionally involved in this choose of career. A hand with the medical stigmata and many fine lines will turn towards social work. People who work in the natural therapies area also have this mark. An unusual marking called the St Andrew cross is found on the hands of people who have saved the life of another. 

Heart Problems
When we look at people hands they can show the experienced palmist a lot, including problems to do with the heart. Short nails are often found among people with a history of heart problems. Arch fingerprints are also associated with people who have heart problems and high blood pressure. The simian line is also associated with people who may have heart problems. If the heart line also has pronounced chaining it may indicate heart problems. A complete breaking up and fragmenting at the end of the heart line often occurs in people before a heart attack. When you see people with clubbed fingertips this is another sign. 

Teachers Square In Palmistry
This little square which sits just under the index finger is a common sign found among people who work in the teaching profession. It doesn't always mean that the person is a school teacher. It is in fact found also in people who teach anything, whether it be paid or voluntary. 

Mercury Line In Palmistry
If the mercury line begins on the mount of Luna or branches from the life line it is a sign of a good business head. People with this marking usually have their own business and are successful. People whose mercury line starts on the Venus mount and crosses through the life line usually work in the caring business. In the past some people believed having a mercury line indicated poor health, but this has since proven to be wrong. It is more an indicator of personal health. For example tiredness may make the line stronger while relaxation may make the line disappear altogether. 

Minor Lines In Palmistry
Mars Line
The mars line runs inside the life line. The mars line indicates extra vitality and a sort of second protection.
Via Lascivia
The via lascivia is a horizontal line across the mount of luna. In the past it was thought to represent promiscuous behaviour. These days it is linked to people who have a sensitivity to allergies. 

The Thumb In Palmistry
Will show a persons drive and how they apply that. The more ordinary the thumb the more ordinary the person. There are two sections, the top which shows willpower and the bottom which shows just how much you will push to get what you want. Large thumbs show a strong personality. Small thumbs show the person is more gentle. Long, broad thumbs belong to people who push hard and succeed. Long, narrow thumbs belong to people who want to succeed but don't have the driving force. Small, broad thumbs belong to people who lack determination. Thumbs that have an exceptionally wide top belong to aggressive people. If the other applies and the top is very narrow it indicates a sign of weakness. A thick top joint shows a person who is blunt. The tapered tip shows a subtle way of doing things. A thumb that holds itself close to the side of the hand shows a stingy person. A thumb that sticks out indicates a carefree personality. 

Palm Mounts In Palmistry
To see if a mount is overlarge, well developed or lean you need to compare it to the other mounts in the hand.
Mount of Jupiter : Located at the base of the index finger it represents your self worth. If you are confident the mount will be well rounded. If it covers a wide area it shows you are generous. If it is high it suggests bossiness.
Mount og Saturn : Is found under the middle finger. A large mount indicates a gloomy attitude. Mars Positive : Is tucked into the crease of the thumb. Well developed it represents courage and a fighting spirit. If it is flat it indicates a cruel streak.
Mount of Venus : Found at the base of the thumb. Underdeveloped shows poor health. 

Palmistry Loops
Loop of Humour : This is found between the Apollo and mercury fingers. Indicates a dry sense of humour.
Loop of Vocation : This is found between the Saturn and Apollo fingers. Reveals a strong dedication to work.
Rajah Loop : An extremely rare marking found between the Saturn and Jupiter fingers. It indicates that there was royal blood in your family history.
Loop of Courage : Found in the thumb joint in indicates a person of great courage.
Loop of Music : This loop sweeps in from the thumb edge onto the mount of Venus.
People who have this are natural musicians.
Loop of Inspiration : Rising from the wrist up the centre of the palm it is often associated with poets.
Loop of Nature : This loop lies across the mount of Luna.
People with this loop have a strong connection to animals and nature.
Loop of Water : Flows down towards the Luna mount.
Indicates a strong affinity to water. 

Good Luck in Your Hands
The star is the most important indication of luck to be found in your hands. But only when it is found on the upper mounts of Jupiter, Mercury or Apollo, at any point along the Apollo line or at the top of the Fate line. If a star is found on the Jupiter mount it indicates good fortune, marry into money and reach a position of importance in life. A star on the Apollo mount indicates the person has talents which will bring the owner fame and fortune. It is often found on the hand of successful actors. A star attached to the Apollo line indicates a major win of money. 

Travel in Your Hands
People with an earth hand tend to return to the same travel destinations each time rather then explore new places. People with air hands love travel and tend to pursue careers in the travel industry. Fire hand people are adventures and like to explore new places. Water hand people like to travel to mystical and spiritual places. Islands or stars on the travel lines which can be found on the edge of the Luna mount are indications of problems. Islands tend to indicate the holiday was not as enjoyable as planned. Stars on the travel line indicate great danger. 

Retirement Lines in Palmistry
People with earth hands find retirement very difficult and usually prefer to work until the end. Air hand people on retirement like to get themselves involved in activities such as study and groups. On retirement people with fire hands tend to join clubs and community projects. People who have a water hand enjoy retirement and are happy to lay around reading, watching television and other such interests. 

Joints and Knuckles In Palmistry
They tell a lot about a person. Smooth knuckles are found on hands of people are very meticulous about their appearance and there home. People with uneven knuckles tend to have a more balanced and calm approach to life. People with smooth fingers are very receptive to information and their environment. Information is processed intuitively. When just only the bottom joints are pronounced the individual conducts their life in an orderly way. People with both top and bottom pronounced joints are referred to as philosophical thinkers. They tend to analyze information and think before they act. 

Finger Settings In Palmistry
Personality traits such as strength of character may be found from the way the fingers are set into the palm. People with evenly set fingers are rare but when found indicate confidence. These people always go on to be successful in life. An uneven setting indicates a person with a lack of self confidence, especially if the little finger is very low set. A person with an arched setting will have a well balanced personality. 

Texture Of Skin In Palmistry
The skin texture on the hand shows the persons natural refinements. If the texture is soft and delicate it will indicate a refined and sensitive person. Transparent skin is found on saintly type people. Thin skin is found on the hands of overly sensitive people. Often those with thick skin are stubborn and insensitive. Course skin is found on the hands of earthy people. People with a satin, smooth type skin are very artistic and often have a love of nature. 

Flexibility Of The Hand
The degree of flexibility in your hand indicates your emotional and mental health. In short, a flexible hand, a flexible mind, a stiff hand, a stiff mind. Emotionally, those people with limber hands adjust well to their environment. Stiff hands indicate those who have a rigid outlook on life. A flexible hand that can bend backwards in a graceful arch indicates a mind that can respond quickly. These people can act, think and feel all at once. A moderate flexible hand is the most common. People with this type of hand tend to be balanced and in control of themselves. An extremely flexible hand indicates a person who is easily led by others. A firm type of hand indicates a strong type of person. These people are conservative with their money and feelings. 

Hand Size In Palmistry
The size of the hand can be important in in helping to judge the character and personality. People with small hands have a strong desire to achieve. They usually set long range goals in their life. They sometimes have a big ego and have trouble relaxing. People with medium hands are well balanced and have good judgement. They have common sense and are practical. People with large hands have many capability`s. They can have many goals, all at the same time. They are friendly and very sociable. 

Markings On Mount Of Apollo In Palmistry
A Star om the mount of Apollo in palmistry is a very good sign that indicates wealth and prestige. A triangle on the Mount of Apollo indicates good luck. A cross is not a good sign and may indicate the failure of dreams. A circle is very rare and indicates fame. 

Markings On The Mount Of Mercury
A star on the Mount of Mercury indicates a successful professional career. A cross under the Mount will protect your job or business against any bad luck. A cross on the mount indicates diplomacy. A square on the Mount of Mercury indicates someone who would be a good teacher. A triangles shows someone who gets on well with other people. A grill is not a good sign and indicates nervous problems. 

Markings On Mount Of Venus
A cross on the Mount of Venus in palmistry indicates the person will find true love in their life. A triangle on the Mount of Venus shows a person who will marry for money. A star at the base of the Mount of Venus indicates trouble in finding true love in life. A grill on the Mount of Venus is a sign of sensuality. A island on the Mount of Venus indicates a loss of opportunities. Small circles on the Mount will indicate adultery. A square will act as protection in love. 

Markings On The Plain Of Mars
Many fine lines on the Plain of Mars shows a person with a sudden temper. A double trident indicates a person gifted in the arts. A cross shows a person who tends to argue a lot. 

Markings On The Lower Mount Of Mars
A cross on the Lower Mount of Mars protects against a risk of sudden death. A grille indicates someone with a argumentive nature. A triangle will indicate fame will come from a brave deed. A star shows someone who will achieve their goals through their own hard work. 

Markings On Mount Of Moon
A star on the Mount of the Moon in palmistry shows someone who has a very vivid imagination. A circle on the Mount indicates a warning against travel on water. A cross indicates someone who tends to have exaggerated views in life. A square will give you protection against danger in travel. A grille is a bad sign and may indicate illness. 

Markings On Mount Of Pluto
A triangle on the mount of Pluto adds to your powers in the occult. A grille indicates strong psychic powers. A line of intuition indicates a true psychic. 

Markings On The Mount Of Neptune
A circle, star, or triangle on the Mount of Neptune indicates great artistic and musical talent. However, a cross or grille is not a good sign. It indicates someone who may have problems with drugs or alcohol. 

Markings On The Worry Line
An island on the Worry Line shows a tragic love affair that ends in shame. A fork at the end of the Worry Line and crosses the Heart Line indicates a marriage breakdown. A Worry Line from a star on a mount of Venus shows quarrels with relatives. 

Defective Lines
The Uneven Line is a defective line that can be seen on any line. The Uneven Line can be deep, then become thin and continue that way the length of the line. The broad and shallow line indicates a person that is uncertain with very poor self control. The Capillary Lines are finely traced lines that run together eventually uniting into one line. When a Mount has a capillary line it will mean the power of the mount is lessened. Wavy lines indicate a person who lacks decision making ability. These people are followers, not leaders. The Tassle is a group of lines extending from the end of a line. The Tassle is always a defect and will mark the end of the usefulness of a line. Broken Lines are seen often and are indicative of a defective condition. The kind of break indicates the outcome of the defect. The Chained Line is always a very serious defect and hard to repair. 

Markings In The Quadrangle Area
When a clear psychic cross in the Quadrangle is not touching any line this person will be a very gifted psychic. If there are defective signs this will cause restlessness in the person. A Star in the Quadrangle is a good sign and indicates outstanding success. 

Markings In Great Triangle
A Cross in the Triangle indicates a argumentative person. A Star indicates great success. A Grille in the triangle indicates hidden enemies. A Circle in the Triangle indicates problems with the opposite sex. 

Markings In The Ring Of Saturn
When there is a Ring of Saturn and the Fate Line has a dot, cross or star it indicates this persons career may be ruined through lack of concentration. If a person has a Ring of Saturn with a head line that slopes low on the Mount of Moon which is large and grilled it will show this person will have a great imagination. If the Ring of Saturn is composed of two lines that form a cross on the Mount of Saturn it is not a good sign as it may indicate this person has a suicidal tendency. 

Markings On The Line Of Intuition
An island in the Line of Intuition will bring poor success. An island at the beginning of the Line of Intuition may show someone who sleepwalks. If the Line of Intuition ends in a star this person will have great success in life. If the Line of Intuition merges into the Fate Line this person will have career success. 

The Psychic Hand
A Cross Mystique that lies in the centre of the Quadrangle between Head and Heart lines indicates strong psychic sense. The Crescent of Intuition is found on those with good E.S.P. A large amount of crosses on the hand indicates good psychic ability. A Triangle on the Mount of Saturn shows psychic ability. The psychic hand often has a palm with many fine spidery lines. The Mount of the Moon that is strongly developed toward the wrist is a sign of good psychic ability. 

Markings On The Lines Of Influence
A Star at the end of the Line of Influence shows the end of that influence. If the Line of Influence crosses the Life or Head line and a red dot is formed a major illness or accident is formed. A Worry Line that starts from a Star on the end of a Line of Influence and cuts past the Life Line indicates a death of a relative at that time in the Life Line. 

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