May 12, 2012

By Dino Simonetti

Consider this-when a writer asks you to buy a book, they’re asking you to trust them.  They’re asking you to part with hard-earned dollar(Well unless its an E-book).  When a reader buys the book, we’re hopeful they’ll love it enough to tell their friends etc to buy/read it as well.

My topic today will be about independent publishing and my experiences with it.  I will also discuss my choice of publish-on-demand services.

Here’s the typical writing scenario we all dream about: We sit down to write our monumental best-selling novel.  We dream of the day a big publisher will pick up the manuscript and say 
"Eureka-I think you've got it!"

Has that happened to you yet? Yes at least twice----right?

My 2012 goal is to grow a platform for a charitable contribution to assist in the much-needed research of Autism.  
My desire is to sell enough of my books to reach that goal.  T
he key factor is people have to buy the books to generate the royalties for the proceeds go to Autism. 
My 2012 goal-$10,000!My book is now available at Barnes and Nobles 
Even if you don't own a Nook reading device, you can download for free the Nook for PC application.

Read Shape-shifters and Succubae@ The book reads like a screenplay&would make an excellent thriller.  Proceeds to go to Autism or the rights to book1 can be sold.

Thank U very much4 the follow.  I have an ongoing project trying to raise $$ for Autism.  If you'd like to know how you can help-write me.