May 27, 2012

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Bloody deaths? Stomach retching murders? Townsfolk disappear?. Police totally stumped? Nosy Reporters? Police with no clues? Possessions?

Erotic scenes of Sanaphea w/ Hillarea Sanaphea turns Crystal.  Ba’Gatz possesses Victoria-flesh eating free-4-alls.  Unexplained deaths

Jade has nightmares of blood lusting demons & hears voices from Hecate the guardian? 

Graveyard rituals by newbie witches-I wouldn't do that if i were you! See what happens when an esbat is disrupted?

Demons w/a mission?. A succubus w/a lust for Hillarea? Jodi lusting 2 control Bill 4ever? 

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Rebecca Scarberry w/World Literary Café:
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Visceral?  Disturbing? Chilling?What's Simonetti got cooked up for Book 2? The Order of CAOSWell, in the meantimeread Blood Majik-murders-demon style &erotica-succubus style-fan your flames& tremble in fear and know you're helping Autism because i want to donate half of my royalties; that's $10,000 by years end with your help lets make it happen!!

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