May 27, 2012

write comments at my blog & FB &! get a copy @ &help support Autism research

Help folks with Autism? I plan to donate 50% of my book royalties($10k this year). GO get Shape-shifter&Succubus

Visit my AD page read several FREE chapters there do you have a weak stomach-be brave!

I wish my followers would get 10% of their followers 2 grab a copy of my new thriller@ & help support Autism Research

An excellent 5-STAR !thriller? Shape-shifters and Succubae@ your purchase will help me donate $10k to Autism research
Go to and grab a copy of the.5 star book(by the World Literary Café) I'm giving 50% of my royalty4 Autism please help

     TELL EVERYONE you know Shape-shifters and Succubae@ got a 5 star rating and 50% of the proceeds go 2  help 4 Autism

      My goal is for me to become a conduit to contributions for research of Autism.
The plan is 50% of the royalties of book sales for Autism don't forget its a donation thus tax deductible. 
     The key factor is people have to BUY the novel to generate the royalties needed to support my quest! At least $10k by the end of 2012
     The way to the 2012 $10k donation is 1 book at a time; if you did it for Jerry's kids u can do it for the Autistics

Going 2 2 procure Shape-shifters&Succubae-a thriller, U will help me donate funds to the Autism Foundation; $10k@12/31

Take a moment and consider this : Most of us have access to over 2 million people! At 1% that equals 20,000 souls that could help Autism w/the purchase of my novel today.   You help w/ur purchase-1 book @a time  My writing? A series of 3000 pages. A twisted thriller 23 yrs in the making-a cathartic endeavor of a lifetime a way to donate $ to Autism

Want entertainment? Listen 2 my music I wrote&recorded while living in a cupboard-size apartment &    My music plays like a soundtrack to a life of drug abuse, near death experiences & my families near ruination! My amends?  Donate 2 Autism.

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