August 31, 2016

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       Author Interview: Dino Simonetti

Interview with Dino Simonetti author of  Blood Majik.

Dino Simonetti hails from Winthrop Massachusetts, a small town east of Boston. Simonetti lived his first 28 years in this historical town and can recall stories told by Edward Roe Snow, a neighbor at the time. He also took a liking to Poe’s works as well. He credits much of his influence  to King, Koontz and Barkers works. He stated some of the light, breezy prose is influenced by Janet Evanovich as well.

Consider this: 
when a writer asks you to buy a book they ask you to trust them, they ask you to part with your hard-earned dollars. It follows that one would ask you to buy/read their books-right? 
well here's where i ask you to do that. 

You know what really gets me, 

What's Simonetti got cooked up for Book 2? The Coven of Ca'os? 
Some say it's a continuation of Book -1; visceral,  disturbing, and down-right chilling! 

I want to donate half of my royalties; that's $10,000 by years end that's just 10,000 copies-an easy task if we all work together. We have a few months to get it done! People, with your help we can make it happen!!
My 2016 goal is to grow a platform for a
Erotic scenes of Sanaphea w/ Hillarea Sanaphea turns Crystal.  Ba’Gatz possesses Victoria-flesh eating free-4-alls.  Unexplained deaths

Jade has nightmares of blood lusting demons & hears voices from Hecate the guardian? 

Graveyard rituals by newbie witches-I wouldn't do that if i were you! See what happens when an esbat is disrupted?

Demons w/a mission?. A succubus w/a lust for Hillarea? Jodi lusting 2 control Bill 4ever? 

Go get your copy of Blood 3914808today!!

    I'll self criticize a moment and say yes it's a little slow at times and a bit Pulp-ish. It all makes sense quickly and avid readers will love the approach.    I may be an unknown yet if you have the courage to read the book, you will tell everyone about it-I'll can almost guarantee it if you like the genre.  What we're most likely looking at here is a "cult" following.  I know, you probably cringe at the word but if you are the least bit religious and attend a Sunday service-you're almost a cultist-Frank Zappa had a cult following too; for those musically astute to remember him. Here's the thing, if I sell 10,000 copies of the book, I reach my goal.  A good few months can sell 2,000 copies.  Why stop there? keep it going-I know there are more than 10,000 readers out there-last count was about 3 billion world-wide.  The current format of the book makes it compatible with every device with the click of the mouse.  Does this sound all sales-pitchy and cheesy? well it's not-I'm trying to wake up your sleeping brain cells that separate you from large granite stones!!  Don't be one of those!  Become alive-get some goose-bumps; let some hormone-driven activity(south of the border) rule your consciousness, love and hate the characters-it's all good!   Don't just take my word for it, others have read the draft versions and loved it!  Well-hope this woke a few of you up
thanks for reading