August 31, 2016

Consider this: 
when a writer asks you to buy a book they ask you to trust them, they ask you to part with your hard-earned dollars. It follows that one would ask you to buy/read their books-right? 
well here's where i ask you to do that. 
Blood Majik 
Available on Amazon or or on Amazon...but please buy the kindle version. It's only 2.99 and you can down load kindle for PC for free  grab a copy for yourself and a friend or loved one there
That's out of my system.  

Then again- a writer wants to hype the shit out of his products so he will provide all kinds of links to get to his beloved product. here...
MY LinkedIn profile 
Next is
>>>>>>>>>>>My Authors Den Page<<<<<<<<<<<<<  
Then there's the books store: where i will be show casing my stuff as well as others' if they wish...I'm going to try and set up a forum for you to buy all the works posted on the site.
There's plenty of good stuff to read-there 
better be right? Well really there is a good 
of a lot of my new stuff 

I have much updating to do since I have been in a rabbit hole for almost 3 yrs and haven't been practicing my craft....but I am back...and with a vengeance this time!!)

Oh yes-enjoy this little clip a friend sent me...

Then there is the almighty Facebook page where i put up all sorts of new stuff on

Then don't forget my blog-even though you're on it already 


then my Twitter account handle is @dino_the_writer 

I put up a TwitMusic account too 

 So now you can also hear some of the stuff I wrote back in my darker depressed years it was mixed and mastered in the cupboard of an apartment I lived in  in Salem in 1998 just before we moved into a house we had built for us. Some day I can tell you about that horror included the cockroaches. 
Okay, let's see, oh yes, 
I have over many followers on Twitter, 
I follow several myself and 
I have over 7000 Tweets-
I appreciate the fact that i have over 9700 hits here.  keep em coming; there will be more stuff to read!!
Expect great things!!

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