August 31, 2016


You know what really gets me, 

is when you have folks that don't even know you, or know of you, or even take the time to research you and they immediately form an opinion of you.  What's even worse is when they are from outside the US where piracy
 is a bigger problem than it is here. there's a twit(for want of a better name on Twitter by the name me see-
okay let me get it and past it in here for you

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So there you have it-these folks are trying to bash me on Twitter! Imagine that!
So here's what  I think-I think all my faithful followers and re-tweeters should stay faithful and maybe this will backfire on them and I'll become more famous-
controversy does sell right???

well that's all for now-I'm going to copy and paste in 
The House of Simonetti entry from Wikipedia later on. 
really good stuff!! 

photo taken specifcally for this posting 

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