May 22, 2013


    I'll self criticize a moment and say yes it's a little slow at times and a bit Pulp-ish. It all makes sense quickly and avid readers will love the approach.  Recall, it's available at Smashwords at a discount for the month of July.  Guess what else-it's also available on Barnes & Nobles site.  I may be an unknown yet if you have the courage to read the book, you will tell everyone about it-I'll can almost guarantee it if you like the genre.  What we're most likely looking at here is a "cult" following.  I know, you probably cringe at the word but if you are the least bit religious and attend a Sunday service-you're almost a cultist-Frank Zappa had a cult following too; for those musically astute to remember him. Here's the thing, if i sell 10,000 copies of the book, I reach my goal.  A good few months-5 to be exact-can sell 2,000 copies. Viola! Goal met!  Why stop there? keep it going-I know there are more than 10,000 readers out there-last count was about 3 billion world-wide.  The current format of the book makes it compatible with every device with the click of the mouse.  Does this sound all sales-pitchy and cheesy? well it's not-I'm trying to wake up your sleeping brain cells that separate you from large granite stones!!  Don't be one of those!  Become alive-get some goose-bumps; let some hormone-driven activity(south of the border) rule your consciousness, love and hate the characters-it's all good!   Don't just take my word for it, others have read the draft versions and loved it!  Well-hope this wpke a few of you up
thanks for reading

Bloody deaths? Stomach retching murders? Townsfolk disappear?. Police totally stumped? Nosy Reporters? Police with no clues? Possessions

Erotic scenes of Sanaphea w/ Hillarea Sanaphea turns Crystal.  Ba’Gatz possesses Victoria-flesh eating free-4-alls.  Unexplained deaths

Jade has nightmares of blood lusting demons & hears voices from Hecate the guardian? 

Graveyard rituals by newbie witches-I wouldn't do that if i were you! See what happens when an esbat is disrupted?

Demons w/a mission?. A succubus w/a lust for Hillarea? Jodi lusting 2 control Bill 4ever? 

Go get your copy of Shape-shifters&Succubae today!!

Visceral? Disturbing? Chilling?

What's Simonetti got cooked up for Book 2? The Order of CAOS Well, in the meantime read Blood Majik-murders-demon style &erotica-succubus style-fan your flames& tremble in fear and know you're helping Autism because i want to donate half of my royalties; that's $10,000 by years end with your help lets make it happen!!

Author Interview: Dino Simonetti

       Author Interview: Dino Simonetti

Dino SimonettiInterview with Dino Simonetti author of Shape-shifters and Succubae and Blood Majik.

Autism and my 2013 donation

My 2013 goal is to grow a platform for a

Chapters 3 and 4 from The Order of CAOS

“Good morning, Laboratory, Krystyne speaking.”
“Good morning to you too Us-tiad!”
“Hi Krys; yes it would be me!”
“So what’s the occasion?”
“Auri-bus tenere lupum!"
"Krys, I need your...your powerful aura!”
“My powerful aura huh?  What makes you think my aura is so powerful?  I can’t even get black magic right without getting my friends killed--

Chapters from new book The Order of CAOS


Bill pulls up in front of his house and gets out of the truck. While heading for the mailbox, he...