August 31, 2016

                                      You guys are awesome!!                             

       An increase of nearly 2000 new blog  hits  and an increase of over 1500 viewers on my 'less-than-present' Authors Den page. 

Are you all reading my posts? Probably...err...hope so... 
Areyou reading my excerpts ? Probably
Are you reading about me and what i stand for? Probably
Are you investigating the re-tweets of my Twitter followers? Yup!
       So now that YOU the new visitor knows this-you should follow or comment on the material here; like Vonda did.  
          A fantastic venue has been the Linked-In.   I appreciate all those that have asked me to add them to the Good-Reads list and the Klout situation.

       Facebook is a new endeavor and I still need to learn how to use it effectively.  I'll tell';s addicting and you can spend hours on there doing....nonsense.  I have weeded out all the crappy posts by folks that have nothing better to share than things that show a small vocabulary.  I love everyone but not everyone likes to read profane language - even if its strategically placed in the 'prose' of the post. 

                               What bugs me...this is a rant...                            
 All the lookers and free-mongers don't translate into much needed sales of my e-books and soft cover versions>  My passion and goal is to donate  $10,000 this year to the researchers of Autism and no-one seems to give a damn and doesn't dig deep enough to spend $2.99 for an e-book  or 9-12$ for the soft cover.  You will most likely love as the Literary Cafe does; she can't wait to see what happens next. 
       There has been loads of other positive feedback and would love if you bought and added fuel to the smoulder......maybe I should do a commercial that will go viral......then would you buy??? 

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