May 06, 2012


What makes Shape-shifters and Succubae so different from all the other horror/thriller books on the market?
The unusual way the story is delivered. 
To wit:
      Take a blend of toe-curling horror ala bloodthirsty demon shape-shifter; dark murders by unsuspecting humans, and steamy erotica only a well-mannered sex starved succubae would partake of.  Add a central character, Jade, having nightmares of horrific proportion and projecting them innocently onto whoever she comes in contact with(sharing is caring i suppose) She starts hearing heralding voices to the point where she thinks insanity is due any day.    Graveyard rituals performed by young witches that ought not be partaking in them. A disturbed young female with only one thing on her mind-a boy-driving a lot of the mayhem.  People disappearing and reappearing not quite the same.....And the police are stumped. 
        In short-I'm doing writers like King and Barker proud.

       It's quite an interesting read, folks have told me in response to post-market release. What most tell me they like is the screenplay-like writing; the reader is pulled right into the story and can visualize it all happening there and then.  
      The choice of fonts is conducive to an eventual comic book series and each 'type' of character has a unique font.  One would think it too busy but it all makes sense and is easy to follow-always a plus for a reader. 
      The authors fun-loving personality comes out in each of the characters.  The 'narration' is through a young adult who puts their own spin on how a murder should be described. 
      The prose is smooth and the tense is such that you feel as if it just happened moments ago.

      You'll enjoy this for sure! I'm told book II The Order of CAOS (pronounced chaos) is in the final stages of editing and should be available by years end.   The series will be approximately 5 books in length.

the forgoing was an unsolicited reporting on Simonetti's new release available on Amazon and

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