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Author Interview of Dino Simonetti

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dino Simonetti hails from Winthrop Massachusetts, a small town east of Boston. Simonetti lived his first 28 years in this historical town and can recall stories told by......Edward Roe Snow, a neighbor at the time. He also took a liking to Poe's works as well. He credits much of his influence to King, Koontz and Barkers works. He stated some of the light, breezy prose is influenced by Janet Evanovich as well.Mr. Simonetti has a sense of humor that lends to his charismatic demeanor and you will find him quite easy to talk to. One thing I did notice is he listens intently and takes a great interest in you and he will ask you questions about you and not speak of himself unless asked. He is always quick with a joke and quite witty.Mr. Simonetti stated he was a pharmacist for over twenty-years and has just recently embarked on a career in massage therapy. He is a father to four-children, all fully grown and living in Salem MA. He himself resides in Utah for the time being.What made you decide to write this book?I have been writing all my life in one form or another; most often in the fiction/fantasy genre. I’d call myself a horror thriller erotica sort of a writer because I can write all those styles well-and even mix them in one story.I started writing on Labor Day 2008 and finished the draft for what will be books 1 and 2 by Halloween 2009. It went through tons of editing and as I said, was released a few times from 2010 until 2011. I pulled it late 2011. I released the new version January 1 2012 in physical copy. It can be found on Amazon by title or under my name. I prefer folks go to my personal Createspace web site as I plan to take 50% of the royalties to donate to Autism research-my son is afflicted with this poorly understood disorder. Amazon pays dirt for royalties so I chose the personal web page.I don’t really have a favorite author any more. Evanovich tickles my funny bone with her Stephanie Plum series. If you like fun but danger in a story-she’s your gal.I am influenced heavily by the works of King, Barker, Koontz, and most recently by the twilight books, Harry Potter and Tolkien. I'm a comic book buff(neurotically) and would spend hours and hours reading them-all sorts. I entered the world of the fantasy as a way to escape the crappy life I grew up in-too much to write about here. I recall times when my father would flip out about all the comic reading so I was relegated to reading them in the hallway coat closet sitting on the vacuum cleaner hidden behind the coats using a spelunking light-yes I got caught once in a while. Dad said they would ruin my mind and I should be reading things about World War II or animals or other boring stuff that I now watch on television-who knew!I think its important for writers/publishers/marketers or anyone involved in the literary world to air their opinions, insights and vision. I hope to ventilate my mind and share some of the millions of ideas that run through my head on any given dayThe most difficult part of writing a book to me is revisions-revisions-revisions and did I mention revisions! I have revised no less than 5 times-each time making it more exciting, more visceral and just outright great! Do I sound biased?Another challenge is keeping it all in the same voice, having smooth prose, and being consistent.I researched some of the content in my book calling on all the witches, magical folk, demon experts and Wiccans. i know I also spent a great deal of time learning some Latin and Cherokee phrases. Wikipedia served me well too at times. I researched some old Chinese folklore and tattoo art. All the characters in the story are real people and in fact, the two major players lived upstairs from me in Salem Massachusetts. I had to use my imagination on one of the girls as she had a fight with her partner and returned to Louisiana.I released the book then retired it when I decided a title change would serve me better. The name of my book, book -1 in a series, is called Shape-shifters and Succubae. It was originally Ba’Gatz’s Succubus but I thought from a marketing perspective it would sell better with the present title.What is the genre?Well I’d call myself a horror thriller erotica sort of a writer because I can write all those styles well-and even mix them in one story.Did it start as a hobby or a passion – planned or unplanned?To me this is a passion and i want it to be my full time job ASAP. the planning-well i had planned for a LONG time to write it and it wasn't until i was separated that i was in the right 'space' to get it done.Would you have changed anything about your story?The story is written just as its supposed to be-it's in a state of evolution; it has a plan and a course but there's so mant paths i can take it and it won't be until i reach that point will i decide where to steer it. .What i learned along the way-the book can consume you, strain relationships and you just have to immerse your self into the task or it won't get done i had lots of encouragement by friends(mostly ladies because they love what I'm doing and loved when i read to them in bed .Who would you consider to be your hero?If your question is about a fictitious hero-its Wolverine. in real life-heck I can't think of one right off hand.What would you tell other aspiring authors?Well since I’m still an aspiring author I can’t really comment save for telling them don’t give up. Case in point-it took me 23 yrs to finally get to it and its gone from a short story based on a gross joke I shared with an anesthesiologist back in 1987 to what will end up being a series of about 3000+ pages under the series name of The Witches and Demons of Clay MountainDid you find the journey to be a difficult one?The journey is difficult yes; if i were able to just write it wouldn't be as difficult. life happens.What was the happiest point; when the manuscript was completed or when the book was put in print?The happiest point is when it's in print because the manuscript is always done in my mind. the gratification comes when i see the book.A synopsis of the books:

The great demon Ba’al, leader of 76 legions of demons from hell was trapped under a mountain and imbedded in clay many years ago. He wants to escape and cast the world into darkness. Its taken many years for the coven named CAOS (pronounced chaos) to locate him. The ‘elders’ of the coven are actually demons in disguise-they have an ulterior motive obviously. Well CAOS is a demon that has the ability to make something from nothing and will attempt to help free him. She just wants him to be freed and thinks she’ll be able to calm him down so he wont destroy the world. The girl Hillarea I mentioned earlier has a special ability as she was borne from Cherokee ancestry. She’s recruited by the coven to be their new leader. Mean while, a few good witches figure out what’s going on and want to put a stop to it. A detective Simon has been called in to investigate all the strange deaths and disappearances. He gets sucked into the whirlwind of the covens activity. He’s skeptical when the good witches tell him they have it all figured out. Of course there’s a nosy reporter, lots of blood, lots of terrible deaths and a key ingredient is a special blood type called O-negative Bombay-quite rare. There’s many sub plots, much convolution, much treachery and lots of interesting characters-all people I know that I fashioned for the story. 
Title:  Blood MajikBook I The Witches and Demons of Clay MountainAuthored/Created/Designed:Dino P SimonettiGenre:Fiction / ThrillersRelease Date:June 20 2012 January 1 2012
E-Book List Price:(E-book purchasable at:)Blood Majik at B&N$2.99Paperback List Price:$10.99Purchase At:createspace.com/3599541Author Websites/Contacts:Twitter:@BY_NOBLE_HANDSmail:by_noble_hands@yahoo.comFacebook:http://www.facebook.com/Witches.N.Demons.of.Salem
Free Sample Reading:http://www.authorsden.com/dinopsimonetti
 Also Look for Book 2,"The Order of Caso":CreateSpace.com


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