July 13, 2012

I live with a severely challenged.........
& autistic boy for 18yrs now. We have ideas why he was born this way; malpractice is a messy business though so we chose to stay out of that web. Through years of dealing w/ this I fell prey 2 substance abuse. I visiting deaths doorstep more than once.  Finally I discovered my talent to write. And write I will- portions of royalties will go to research Autism/MR-my 2012 goal=10,000 books=$10,000; your purchase will help my cause.  You can purchase physical/eBook forms of Blood Majik and support my goal. Connor & others will be glad you did-Blood Majik@ Smashwords.com.
If as little as 1/4% of all the millions of people we know on Twitter bought Blood Majik it would exceed my annual goal of 10K! 

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