June 13, 2012


“Good morning, Laboratory, Krystyne speaking.”
“Good morning to you too Us-tiad!”
“Hi Krys; yes it would be me!”
“So what’s the occasion?”
“Auri-bus tenere lupum!"
"Krys, I need your...your powerful aura!”
“My powerful aura huh?  What makes you think my aura is so powerful?  I can’t even get black magic right without getting my friends killed--
course I shouldn’t be playing with black magic anyway--but that’s another story!”
 “Yes, well, whatever color magic--you gotta be one powerful little witch to pull off a tenth of what you did innocently--so stop it!  Well Hecate did warn and the shape-shifter-turned-opportunist Ba’Gatz sneaked across almost unnoticed and is causing some major mayhem--he can’t be operatin’ alone!  No low-level monster can wreak that much havoc by itself.  The Big Church reeks of demon stench!  I need to round up all the gifted-ones for this!  You up for it?”
Krystyne answers excitedly,
“Umm, sure, well ya, what exactly do we have to do?”
“First, I need to contact the reverend and get his okay. I think that will be easy, given the fact that, well, attendance hasn’t been too good lately, so I’ve heard. Like non-existent in fact! I think he should actually participate--him an’ his deacon.”
“Oh, okay, so what am I goin’ to be doin’, what’s my part? Will I…?”
Myryan uncharacteristically interrupts,
“I’m going to have you be our spiritual center; because your energy is so very pure and very strong. Besides, you’re much younger so your endurance will be better. I’ll be there to back you up; don’t worry. Then, I’ll have the others be the remainin’ elements. I’ll work it out, who should be what, besides you and I. There that covers it.”
“Uh huh!”
“Normally Ms. Krystyne, a cleansing would be easy. But, because of all the recent events, we’ll be doin’ more like a banishing! We’re dealin’ with a trickster and his abilities can cause problems if we’re not focused and sharp. And, because I think he’s not alone, we’ve no idea how powerful it is. So, weeee need to channel like crazy!”
She goes silent, breathing,
 “Umm, Myryan, are you okay? You don’t sound like you right now!”
“Krystyne, as much faith as I have in your ability, there’s always that slight tinge of healthy self-doubt. On one hand, I know you can kick some serious ass, but at the same time, if you get distracted, it will take a major amount of willpower to pull you back. See, if he knows he found a weak spot, he’ll hammer away at it--trying to break you--and thus break us all--and even if it’s for a moment, it can exact dangerous consequences; even for the most powerful of witches!”
“Whoa! And this is all because of Hillarea’s and Vic’s help in causin’ the, pardon my French, fuckup in the cemetery? Hillarea knows what can happen when you break an Esbat and cause a disruption in the astral plane! I think she was so drunk that night, she just snapped and wasn’t thinkin’ clear enough to think through to the problems she was starting! Really, I think she should be the one to put it back--but I know her--she’d never do it and just say we shouldn’t have been messin’ with it anyways! And of course she’d be right!”
“Well Krys, it’s all technicality at this point; we’ll just take the high road and get rid of it--she may be genius but I don’t think she has any power like you!”
“Ya--although--Myr--she’s had this spooky thing goin’ on lately--like eyes to die for, so pretty, and a strange vibe--almost like--a mind control vibe--really weird. But, this amulet I have, protects from it. And she wanted me to take it off, so she could look at it! I jus’ kinda, subtly blew her off; I didn’t wanna get sucked into the mind control thing. I mean, she had totally straight girls kissin’ her as if it were normal! I mean, I don’t care about that sort of orientation thing, but, is was just so weird; ya know?”
“Hmm, interesting! Very--interesting!”
“So--does--that--tell you anythin’ new?”
“Yes!! Krys, it clearly indicates human host possession--but--with a twist. I’ll have to think on it; but thanks for that tidbit!”
“Sure! No--thank you!”
“Well my dear, I don’t know if you’ve heard through the pipeline, the body count grew again! There’s been another death and mutilation. Some young guy named Bill Kidd was found……”
“Oh my God Myryan-- for real??!!”
“Krys… he was brutally murdered and his heart removed. This is the work of a demon with a very strange purpose--with a warped sense of--justice! But, at the same time--that serves a purpose--some one’s got Ba’Gatz on the run--or some thing! Krys, I’m flummoxed; I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out what is exactly going on! But I think we’ll be findin’ out--soon enough!”
“Myr! I can’t wait!! I’m scared shitless, but I can’t wait!!”
“Krys, according to--normal circumstance--five horrific events usually take place; one after another; fairly close together, time wise; but spread out over an large area. Then it just stops!  No one can figure it out--except me! See, I know the thing goes into hiding in either the original animal or a human--and it can travel around and randomly kill. It’s so random--and widespread, in fact--it looks like different kinds of deaths! This thing decided to stay local for some strange reason! It really has me puzzled! Ba’Gatz can’t be wanting to attract attention to himself; it’s just not like a shape shifter to do that!”
“But Myr, the only thread through this is me and the girls--like it’s killing us all off, one by one--so ya, I better help kill it before it gets me!!”
“Child, don’t worry about you--he can’t get you--he would burn himself up--he knows it!”
“Oh Great! So all my friends get butchered! Nice! Very nice!! I should swear off majik for a while--like eternity!!”
“Krys, stop! I understand how you feel--I would feel the same! My--age--sorta keeps me grounded; not that you aren’t grounded--you’ll see when you get more time under your belt--ya know?”
“So it ate my friend Crystal first--why her first? I’ll tell you why, because she was the innocent one; the one that hadn’t a clue--but she was like a total mess, there was nothing left of her; at all! Why that? Like there was the body left with every one else; not just bones!”
“Well, that’s how I came to arrive at a conclusion he’s not alone! Listen Krys, we can beat this mystery to death, but, I think if we just move forward, we’ll finally see! So back to the original situation--you’re game? And you’ll be there for me; right?”
Myryan waits; all that can be heard is their breathing through the respective receivers.
“Oh, what the hell! Myr, it seems like this Ba’Gatz is almost done--Billy is number four from what I can figure! So, who’s number five? You said it can’t be me! So who? My girlfriends? Or, I hate to use this word so bad--” She lowers her voice, “--the dykes?”
“Krys--we’re goin’ to kick him back, so nobody else; okay? I can jack you up a whole bunch and teach you to channel and you’ll probably beat his ass!”
 Krys uncharacteristically raises her voice,
“Probably? What the hell is probably? Listen dude, I don’t like probably--you are gonna teach me to definitely whoop his ass--I plan to be around to make babies!”
 “Well my dear, I was hoping you’d kick start that other side of Krystyne that we need! See the way you are right now? That’s what I need from you come crunch time; got it?”
“Oh--why didn’t you say so? I can do that easy; I just don’t like to! Seems you get more from people when you align with them.”
“That’s true goldilocks, but if you don’t use it, you lose it!”
“Touché! Okay, you got me--what’s step two?”
“Here’s something else to keep you on hot; his motivation is to confuse. He could quite possibly manipulate your pure energy! That would cause all kinds of nice calamities wrought on a whim! Then the end-result, being a shift in the balance of the universe--tipping in his favor. You like the sound of that?”
“Myr! Please! I get it, I get it! I’m ready! That frikkin’ demon doesn’t stand a chance against me! I’ll send it right back to where his stinking ass came from!”
Myryan can hear Krystyne’s rapid breathing,  
“Krys, you’re gonna be a quick study! I can hear it; you’re stoked--good--stay that way!”
 “Myryan, someone just walked in, I gotta go for now. Listen, I’ll call you later on, I promise. And I promise, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work, just be there for me! I feel so mad right now! I have to keep it together in front of people--so I’ll call you in a little while, like, on my break, okay?”
“That’s fine child, and you are not responsible for this! Get that out of your head this instant! I’ll talk to you later and explain everything for you!”
 “Okay Myryan the Dideyo-hosgi! That word means teacher in Cherokee!”
“Ya, I know Krys; I’m wicked impressed with you so far! Okay, enough talk--later.”
The lines disengage; the next number dialed is Judy’s. She answers right away.
“Hey what’s up babes?”
“Did I wake you? I can call back later if you want, but, I think this is fairly important.”
“No, you’re cool; I was just gettin’ ready to go to the gym to wake myself up a little. You know, I’m havin dreams, again, but, this one is, way different than the others.”
Myryan listens, yet hesitates in responding right away.
“Well, Judes, I think I oughta hear about the dream after I tell you the main reason I’m callin you; they sorta go together, in a way, ya, they do, definitely!”
“Okay, fire away.”
“There’s a definite hole to the other side that needs pluggin’ and I really think we gotta do it ASAP!”
“Okayyyy…what is going on please?”
“Well, the girl named Crystal, from your hospital, was brutally mutilated, and bestialized so far beyond recognition, she almost ended up a permanent Jane Doe!”
“Oh! Yes, yes! She was a really lovely girl; a really nice kid!”
“Then the girl Jodi mysteriously dies of some rare disease that she was battling silently, or so the story goes. She’s connected to this and they’re keepin it quiet.”
“Continue, please!”
Then, the boyfriend of Crystal, John, I think is his name, ends up in Marblehead harbor under his car, torn to bits and squashed. Then if that’s not all bad enough, this kid from the hospital ER, I just found out he works there, Bill Kidd, is found,  minus a heart, and skull smashed with a shovel, and full of broken off arrows, like an Indian gone nuts!”
“This keeps getting better! This is where I tell you, you’re  grossing me the mmmm out?”
“Yikes! Since when are you a prim an proper cottontail?”
“Myr, I’m messin’ with you! Go, please, I think I just saw another grey!”
 “Okay, now the finale! Every time a crossing occurs, ghastly atrocities occur. You know, to feed the beast, as they say. They happen in fives, one for each of the elements--but usually more widespread--this one for some reason stays way local! Well babe, count for me; Crystal, Jodi, John, and now Bill. Hmmm, sounds like four to me. So, number five is coming up soon.
Crystal the innocent is the wind; innocence blows in the wind.
Jodi by fire; I don’t care what you think; she’s definitely the chick that got her face blown off by some major firepower in Ipswich. Then there’s John by water over in M’head harbor!
Then Bill by earth; because he was killed with earthly things like arrows and shovels!”
 “So who’s number five going to be?”
Myryan answers quietly.
“I think it could be Krystyne!”
“What the heck Myr! You’re messing with me now!”
“No seriously! She would be, if I didn’t talk to her just a second ago and tell her what to do!”
“Okayyyy--so what’s my part then?”
“I want your help!”
“I want your help! You and Krystyne--and, of course me, for starters. Us three have a little somethin special about us! I think we’ll need it for this! It’s in the church!”
“Myr, I hafta tell ya, I still get the vision when I go by it on the way downtown to get coffee. Now, chicken little, me, walks--no runs on the other side of the street!”
“See!? So I’m calling the reverend and his deacon to first, allow us to do it, then help us. Havin the men of the cloth present will help two ways. First, they’ll get their church back, and two, I’m sure it will make them feel better if they are actively involved. I might even let them throw some holy water!”
“Myryan Cabot! You are so bad!”
 “Whaaaat? You love it Miss-I’m-the-most-holy-virgin-to walk-the-earth-Judy!”
“Okay Myryan Cabot I’m you’re man, I mean  woman! I will help you banish this evil to whence it came and there will once again be tranquility in the city of peace!”
“Okay Judy, cut the shit with the peace thing!”
“But Salem means shalom and shalom means peace--don’t it?”
Myryan doesn’t answer; she presses on,
 “Honey pie, thanks! I know I can always count on you for help! I’ll tell you when, as soon as I talk to the padre’s and get this all coordinated; okay toots?”
“I’m ramped! When’s this thang goin’ down? Soon? I don’t like my monsters lurking in the shadows.”
 “Ya I agree! The sooner the better and it’ll needa be done at first light. That’s when he’ll be looking for cover and is his weakest. That’s also when we have the sun on our side and we’ll be strongest in spirit!”
“Well I’ll get coverage for the few hours we need. Unless of course you think I should call my insurance guy first?”
“You’ll be fine. Just come when I tell ya and wear what I tell you, okay.”
She pauses,
 “I have to call the rags now and get ‘em on board. I hafta get my stuff ready for battle! I gotta say, havin Meg’s place, is pretty handy; although, it would be nice if she was still alive! Oh! I almost forgot, tell me about the dream in ten words or less!”
“Jerk! Okay here, there’s a gathering, not a large one, and there’s people that definitely don’t belong there--there’s something really bad there. A kind of evil; a kind of stench, of death; there’s screaming--then it goes dark, then it goes quiet! Uhh, Myr, creeps me the fuck out!”
Myryan listens,
“And that’s it; you said short and sweet, so there!”
Judy chuckles and adds,
“And I did it in fifty words!”
“I said do it in ten words or less! Judy, you’re such a geek! I’m so glad I love you, no one else could; except maybe my cat!”
Judy giggles,
Ohhhh Myr, now you really do suck!”
“Why thank you!”
 “Fine, go get lost now, go do your thing with the priests, before I reach through the phone, and slap you!”
“Ha ‘kay sweet thing, bite ya on the backside!”
The lines disengage.
Myryan sits for a moment thinking.
“Well Myr, that went well, you’ve got three out of five. I just need the padre’s now. Then keep little Krysy all focused and fired up and we’ll send that bastard back to fry in hell! Yup, Myr, you’re on your game!”
She dials the number for the church. The phone rings four times before a female voice responds.
“First Big Church of Salem, how may I help you blessed one?”
“Good day ma’am, would it be possible to speak with either Father Teixeira or Deacon Dawes at this time of day?”
“Why yes it is, what did you say your name is?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Myryan Cabot, and it would be really great if you could put me in contact with one of them!”
“So, you are the Myryan Cabot from over the witchcraft store? Over there over by Red’s? I’ve heard nothing but good things about you Ms. Cabot! Too bad about your friend though; Meg is it?”
“Yes that was her name. And thank you for that!”
 “Okay Ms. Cabot, I’ll go fetch them now! Please hold on, I’ll be right back!”
“Bless you ma’am!”
About a minute and half goes by until a male clears his throat before picking up. The sound of the receiver, dragging across the table before being picked up, causes her to pull the receiver away from her ear. It’s gotta a cradle phone.
“Good day Ms. Cabot, to what do I owe this exquisite pleasure?”
“Well Father, first, thank you for such a greeting; very nice! Okay, I need to discuss a situation regarding the foyer. And, I’ll apologize in advance for my unorthodox approach to its resolution. I’m sure you’re being attuned to God, you know something still ain’t right there; am I right?”
“Yes, quite right! Some folks brave enough to come to morning services say there is something not quite right still in the church. So what, unorthodox, as you put it, approach do you propose?”
“Have you ever heard of a banishing circle? It’s a type of…”
Father Teixeira interrupts her.
“It’s a Pagan practice going as far back as the Druids, however it is not exclusive just to their type of belief system.! It’s meant to draw any type of demon or other evil being to it and send it back to hell, or some other nice hot place with flames.
There are still the Satan worshipers that try to make open free passage for beings on All Hallows Eve; the thirtieth day through the first day in November. For those worshipers of the noir, October thirty first is considered one of their most important days for that sort of thing. They open a circle, I believe, by going counter-deosil, and use black candles; oh, and human blood as the artifice. Normally a purple and white set of spiritual candles along with the other four alchemic elements are used for worshiping their lengthy list of deities. Is--that--pretty much--about what--you--were--going to say?”
“Impressive Father. Yup, that sums it up pretty much as far as the mechanical and theological aspects are concerned. There is much more in this case though and I would like to know if I could come down and look at the intended area and discuss other things with you. Would that be alright with you and the deacon?”
“Sure that’s just fine, when did you have in mind?”
“Now? Oh, I beg your pardon Myryan, but that’s short notice, don’t you think?”
“I agree, however, would it be better to take care of this now, and enjoy having whatever parishioners are brave enough to return, come back? Or wait, and perhaps let some more malevolence permeate Salem; via your church, and raise the body count some more?”
“Point taken! Alright, let me see if Deacon D can be available for this meeting as well; please hold on.”
Approximately two minutes elapse before a male voice comes on. Deacon Dawes speaks in his rather excitable brogue.
“Well, well, if it isn’t ‘the’ Myryan Cabot, I’ve ‘eard so much ‘bout you, I’d be openin my calendar anytime to meetcha, even if you be one practicin a Pagan art!”
“Why thank you deacon, most devout would call me a witch and avoid any contact with me like the plague. Yet, I know that you have no fear of it and understand its premise!”
“Quite right, quite right! So me question to ya then Myryan, how soon ya be fetchin?”
“This is good fortune! I can be there in no time at all! I really appreciate this; this will be educational for all concerned; of that I am certain! Okay, I’ll see in a few, I just have to lock up here. Oh, may I bring my cat with me?”
“Okay that’s perfectly fine; we’ll be here waitin on ya. Are ya drinkin a coffee or a tea?”
“Tea will be fine! Okay, bye!”
“Bye, bye!”
The lines disengage. Myryan appears elated, turns to the north, bows her head, and puts her right fist over the left breast.
“Spirits of benevolence, I do extol, and accept your righteousness! You blow perfection in the winds! A pedibus usque ad caput Abu no disce omnes.” (From feet to head, from one person learn all people; Latin).
“I’m so glad these guys are open-minded! It’s too bad the rest of the religious community isn’t like that; they’re so uptight!”
Myryan scurries about the shop, making sure all the incense holders are extinguished and the:


Sign is in the window.
She calls to her cat, it comes running; jumps up onto the counter, and then onto her shoulder. It purrs in her ear, meows once while looking into Myryan’s eyes intently. The cat moves its head up and down, in an arc to the left, then to the right; it meows again.
“Yes dear, we are going to see the priests and they will help us rid Salem of this evil thing!”
Myryan walks out to the cobble stone lot where the Jeep with the big tires is parked. She climbs in and fires up the motor. She turns to her consort and says,
“Okay beautiful, find a place to curl up, we have a little ride over to the rectory.”
The cat curls up on the passenger seat and bobbles its head in a circular fashion to the left, then to the right. The cat meows before putting its head down on its paws. Myryan negotiates the side streets that will get her to the rectory in the shortest time possible. She abhors traffic; saying on more than an occasion or two, it’s one of the disadvantages of having a bustling business near the center of the city.
The noisy tires precede her arrival at the church. Deacon Dawes is outside near the front entrance of the church chalking the gates open. He turns to see her approaching and briskly walks at an almost bounding pace to signal her to pull straight into the pebble drive. He walks over to the driver side of the vehicle as she steps out.
“Welcome Myryan, it’s a pleasure ta finally meetin ya!”
“Well, thank you kindly deacon! I gotta say the feeling is mutual. It’s not every day a priest welcomes a Wiccan in for tea!”
She laughs at herself,
“Well me feelin, personally, we’re both after the same thing in life, we just be choosin different paths ta be arrivin there; I’m sure Father Teixeira would be concurrin, he’s a level headed lad for the most part!”
The cat jumps down from the Jeep, walks over to the deacon, and does her once around walk; not the typical leg rubbing walk, this is a clear walk around. It looks up at the deacon; he looks down to watch it pause at each plane of his stance for just a moment. It meows a few times then sits next to Myryan. She glances down at the cat; it stares back at her with its green and purple eyes. She remarks without looking up quite yet.
“Well deacon, you seem to have passed the test; she approves of you a hundred percent.”
Myryan and Dawes exchange smiling glances.
“Okay now, well that’s a relief!”
 Dawes laughs at himself.
“Well shall we?”
He opens the door to the rectory and motions for Myryan and cat to enter. The door closes quietly behind them. The conversation was fruitful and all parties agree to the terms of the situation resolution.
                                CHAPTER IV

“Good afternoon, La…”
Myryan interrupts her mid sentence,
“Krystyne, it’s me, look, we have to do this at four-thirty tomorrow; AM! I’ve already got Father Teixeira and Deacon Dawes raring to go anytime. I’ll be calling Judy right after we hang up, okay?”
“Ummmm, sure, I can be ready, I was just going to hang with Anne and Jessica. They’ve gotten really tight since the deaths…like out of pure fear that they might be next or something; even though I tell them all the time nothin’s gonna happen. They’d be so stoked to watch a real banishing circle! Is it okay if they come?”
“I don’t see why not, I think if they stay out of the fray, they should be alright!”
“Awesome,  I’ll tell ‘em later on!”
“Okay, listen Krys, I’m gonna call Ju now. Oh, wear purple tomorrow; as dark as you own, and as much as you own; right down to your socks and shoes, if you own them!”
“Okay Ms. Mry! Got it, anything else?”
“Nope, just a clear head and a strong aura!”
“Okay! Down! Okay, see you in the AM. Call me if anything changes please!”
“It won’t; we need this!”
The lines disengage.
Please enjoy the ring tone while your party is reached!” Announces the cell phone voice as the song ‘Mutter’ pounds away;
Myryan doesn’t pay attention to the music; she anxiously waits for Judy’s line to engage.
“C’mon, Ju answerrrr, answerrrrr.”
Says the very sleepy Judy.
“Oh baby, I’m so sorry to wake you; can you be there at around four-AM tomorrow?”
“Ummmm, ya, sure! Who is this? Oh my God, sorry Mry! Yes, yes, I’ll be there! Hey, what time is it?”
“Ju, it’s okay, you can sleep a few more hours! It’s only one-PM.”
“Oh ya, okay I will! Okay, anything else then?”
“Yes babes, but we’ll talk before then…just sleep!”
“Okay, g’night! Myr, I’m sorry, I gotta sleep s’more…I’m really tired!”
“Sleep little wildcat, sleep!”
“Ya, what she said!”
The lines disengage…

        CHAPTER  V
It’s three-thirty AM. As quietly as a ghost, Myryan enters the foyer of the First Big Church of Salem tower alone. She carries a small sack containing a mixture containing some special ingredients mixed in salt, sage, lavender, and wolfbane. She walks to the center of the tower and looks up into the dark expanse. She looks down at the floor and walks about; whispering to herself,
“Okay, this is where her body would have landed. So, nine-feet--should be--right about--here.”
She takes out a handful of the mixture and balls her fist. She exhorts quietly,

"ад--инфинитум, оглас фундум, оглас Алта, АБ Аетерно, Абиссусабиссум инвоца, аб инитио, Ангуис у Херба, апаге Сатанас!"

Show yourself you demon, I will send you back eternally to the abyss from whence you came.

She hurls the powder before her, the powder hovers and glistens. Like contrast media, it shows exactly where the rip is. The powder lingers for a few moments before bursting into flames. Ash drifts to the floor and smolders for a few moments, before blowing past her feet, out the door behind her.
“So there you are! We’re gonna fix your ass, count on it!”
She looks at the floor to make a mental note of the approximate location, then turns to go. As she walks towards the door, a hot wind blows at her back; it stops her. She hears a distant shriek, like a scream of pain. Myryan continues towards the exit; smiling to herself, never turning around. 

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