June 13, 2012



Bill pulls up in front of his house and gets out of the truck. While heading for the mailbox, he...
walks past the front of the vehicle and notices there is damage on the corner of the bumper; streaks of yellow paint.
“Aww shit! Someone friggin’ hit me, damn it, I don’t have time for this BS!”
He kneels for a closer look and sees the damage is minor on the acrylic shell of the bumper. The paint flecks off as he scratches at it with his fingernail.
“Well at least it comes off. A little compound will take the rest of it off I guess. It’s too dark out now though; I’ll do it tomorrow. What I could go for right now is a nice cold brewski! Budwizer, I hear ya callin’ my name!”
He walks into the house, a bit happier, knowing there won’t be any police report and insurance company phone calls. He tosses the mail on the kitchen table, walks to the fridge and pulls out a cold beer. The typical gas release sound is made as the top opens. He takes a long pull on the frosty cold contents,
“Ahhhh! That hits the fu-king spot!”
He roots around in the fridge for something to eat. Sour pickles, cold mushroom pizza and two hard-boiled eggs are all that are left.
“Looks like Bill boy needs some food; time to call mom!”
Bill takes the shell off one of the eggs, pops it in his mouth, and as he chews, he spits a tiny piece of shell towards the barrel, it misses. He opens the pickle jar and extracts the largest spear he can find and eats it right after the egg. He tears a piece of pizza off one of the slices and eats, washing it down with some more beer. He sets himself up a plateful with the rest of the food, after determining the combination is safe for human consumption. He grabs another beer and kicks the refrigerator door closed. 

Bill walks into the den and slides a stool over with his foot to set the food down, then turns on the television. He scrolls through the channels stopping a few moments on some that grab his extensive attention span, for more than a few seconds. He finally chooses a popular weekly sitcom and settles back with the food, beer and remote. For a split second, he dwells on the feeling of how lucky he is for not having to listen to anyone. He can eat and dress anyway he wants; he can even leave the door open when he uses the John. Bill is the master of his own reality. He looks at his watch and realizes it’s getting late, reaches for the cell phone to make a good night mommy call and finds there is a text message that was missed.
It reads:


Bill is totally shocked and surprised at the content of the message. He mistily looks off into the distance, wondering who would send a message like this to him. His immediate reaction, almost too predictable.
“What the hell are they talking about? It was me that…did…what? I don’t belong to no one! What’s this feed the beast shit? And…I ain’t no fucking mama’s boy either asshole!”
He thinks hard, has he pissed anyone off lately? Bill isn’t the most personable at the gym outside his little clique of equally brilliant training partners. He falls back against the sofa pad and takes another long pull on his second beer. He slides down into the sofa and snaps shut the bi- fold cell phone, forgetting to call his mother. He sits for a few minutes staring through the television still pondering the message. A situation with a boisterously noisy character from the television program grabs his attention; he laughs aloud,
He looks back at the phone and says,
“Awww, fuck off you clown! I’d fuck you up anyhow; whoever you are, no one fucks with the big-B! Here, try this on for size you asshole!”
Bill types out the following message:


 --presses send and waits for the display to clear. He turns his attention back to the television; Bill opens his third beer.
During a commercial, he goes to the refrigerator, takes three more beers out, tosses the cardboard carrier into the air and kicks it in the direction of the barrel. It lands in the center of the receptacle, on target.
“Score! And the crowd goes wild…Bill the Kid wins the game for the Witches and the season is over…AHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH! They hoist him into the air! They chant Billy, Billy, Billy!”
Okay, seriously now Bill, get a grip. So, he walks back to the sofa, plops down and continues to drink his beer. He guzzles the rest of beer number three, shoots beer number four and lets out a ten-second belch; he laughs to the empty room. Halfway into his fifth beer he dozes off, eventually falling asleep. Bill is sleeping soundly, no snoring, just the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breathes in and out.
There is a gentle rustle of grass and leaf under foot just outside the open window. A set of eyes cloaked by darkness, peer into the room. The enlarged pupils obscure their color, we do know they belong to a female; her delicious fragrance wafts into the room. Bill stirs for but a second unconsciously senses the scent in the air change; he smiles. Bill  is clearly--very--much--asleep. The eyes back away, out of view. A small shiny object is placed against the screen.“Thhhhhhfummmmp” is the sound the broad-tipped arrow makes, as its driven by one of the most powerful compound bows on the market, a bow no ordinary girl could ever handle unless she were--never mind; you’ll see why. The bow boasts a one-hundred and twenty-five-pound-pull, more than enough for the job at hand; somehow the word overkill comes to mind. The arrow makes quick work of the screen as it enters the room, finding its target, Bill’s carotid; dead center. It travels across the empty expanse of throat and exits the other side. Blood spurts like a geyser from the entry wound. Bill bolts upright, eyes bulging, drunkenly grabbing for the arrows shaft.
An insouciant gurgled grunt issues weakly through the blood in his throat. Blood pours from his neck and alternately dribbles or gushes from his mouth when he tries to speak.
As Bill stands, he is immediately knocked back by a kick; a kick delivered by a sneaker-clad person; a person with an equally delicious fragrance, another female I’d gather. The air whistles gently as the business end of a garden shovel smashes against his head.  It momentarily stuns him; stuns him enough to receive the second swing of the garden utensil; this time with the tools nearly knife-sharp edge. The second swing is purposefully aimed at a particular spot. The next swing is driven with more force; she is tired of waiting for it’s intended outcome. His skull cracks open halfway between his eye and ear. Brain matter continues to ooze from the skull fissure following the initial gush of cerebral matter. Bill is able to focus for but a moment, just long enough for an immediate recognition. This recognition forces a facial expression of total confusion. Bill knows the female archer, the same female, that moments ago, smelled so delicious outside the window.
She holds the deadly weapon with arrow perched; ready to fire. She makes an instantaneous decision for her next shot, and draws back on the bowstring as far as it will go. Bill puts his hands up to cover his face. The arrow will deliver all the force the bow can generate. The archer let’s fly the second razor sharp arrow directly at Bill’s hands. The arrow penetrates both hands, enters his agape mouth and passes through the open throat, taking large chunks of tissue along with it. The arrow exits the back of his neck, grazing his spinal column; posting whatever sinew and blood it carries into the sofa fabric behind; the resultant splatter is random and widespread. The impact of the newest arrow causes more blood to eject from his pierced carotid. Bill, seconds from death, grunts a just barely intelligible,
Jessica is seemingly not satisfied with his wounds; she fires another arrow into his stomach, again at point blank range. She rips the arrow from its site, taking stomach and intestinal spillage with it. She fires the same arrow into his larynx, and again yanks the arrow from his throat, pulling skin and muscle with it. She drops the bow and with both hands on the shaft of the arrow, plunges it repeatedly in and out of Bill’s stomach as if wanting to make sure he is dead; by now, he has been dead for at least half a minute. Anne reaches for Jessica’s arm,
“He’s dead hun’, you can stop now! When I’m done here, there won’t be any doubt he’s dead!”
They kneel on either side of his body; Jessica rolls his eyelid open,
“You fucking worthless sack of shit!”
She spits into his open eye then slaps his lifeless face. Anne shakes her head in wonder.
“Baby, was that really necessary?”
Jessica nods quickly; then looks down to watch Anne, gleaming, razor sharp athame in hand, slice his shirt open. With great deftness, she slices into the chest wall; blood gently sprays up onto their faces, hair, and clothing. She digs through the sinew and cartilage in search of his sternum. With each gouge, splatters of blood are thrown onto the girls.
Anne stands over Bill’s, body, musing in satisfaction with her prep-work. Jessica whispers,
“Honey, you got blood all over you!”
“I know, it all comes off in the wash! Baby-J, stand back, this might splatter too!”
Anne stands, takes a half step backwards and thrusts a solid kick; her foot connects with the exposed ribs. A deep, CRAAACKKK sound issues from within the ribcage cavity. Blood splatters across Anne’s legs and reaches Jessica’s arms and head; large droplets run down her face and down her back.
“Oops! Sorry hun, I’ll help you get that off after wards!”
Jessica, smiling replies,
“You better! I don’t look good in an orange jumpsuit!”
“Ya, me either! Ok kiddo, almost done.”
Anne kneels next to the body and with animalistic fervor, pulls the broken ribs apart to expose the intended organ, his heart. She takes the athame in hand and with callousness, chops and gouges at the attached blood vessels impatiently. She rips the now flaccid organ from Bill’s body cavity. Whatever blood does remain, runs from the excisions, down her arm onto the floor below.
“Here, open this bag for me sweetheart!”
Jessica does as asked, letting the now lifeless heart plop into the gallon-sized zipper lock plastic bag with a wet splat.
“Okay, we’re done here; just one stop on the way home. Get his keys, we’re taking his wheels!”
Jessica looks at the one remaining sealed beer, takes the top off and guzzles it down in one long pull.
“Ahhhh. That hit the spot!”
“What are you doin? That has your friggin’ DNA on it now!”
She adds in normal tone.
“Stuff that in your pocket; we’ll have to take it with us!”
Jessica forces the empty beer can into her tight jeans; it flattens easily.
“How long do I have to have this metallic Frisby in my pocket? It’s gonna rip the pocket and I’ll make you buy…!”
“Oh stop Ms. Prada! When we drop his truck off, I’ll take care of it…just…don’t worry…! Please get us a couple towels to get all this blood off us until we can shower!”
Jessica shrugs, walks to the bathroom and reemerges with two pink towels.
“Do you fucking believe this guy? Pink towels! How gay can you be?”
“You gotta wonder about a guy with pink towels!”
The girls survey the bludgeoning, seemingly deep in thought.
 “Do you frikkin’ believe what this guy eats; boiled eggs, pickles, pizza and beer! He’s truly a gross man!”
Jessica nods, then smirks, Anne turns to face her, they lock eyes searchingly; Jessica grins, leans in and gives her a longer-than-a-second kiss on the lips, Anne remarks,
“Oh stop--we’re best friends remember--best friends do that--sometimes--right?”
Silence, Anne’s eyes flit side to side, searching her friends expression. Jess says,
 Okay, let’s be off!”
“Umm, ya--okay--lets--”
“Oh stop, you act as if I just told you I kiss dead people for kicks!”
Anne laughs. The girls leave Bill’s flat and get into his truck, Anne at the wheel. The dark tinted glass all but obscures their identities, perfect for a clandestine departure. The engine issues a low rumble as it starts; she makes a U-turn in the street and drives away at a quick pace, typical of how Bill would drive; therefore, raising no suspicion.
Outside in the yard, obscured by darkness, the fox sits, sniffing the air. It senses the girls are gone; their scent has all but dissipated. It runs and leaps for the broken screen, tearing through easily. It’s front paws touch down on the pool of blood; it commences its debasement by lapping at the puddle with the thirst of an animal at a stream on a hot day. It circles the sullied body as if deciding what to devour first. The fox sticks its snout inside Bill’s savagely created grotto of ribs. It expurgates the liver to gnash and lap insouciantly at the bloody contents of the acquiescent organ. The fox paws and tugs with its maw at the intestines to free them from its corporal repository. As it drags out the twenty-plus foot-long digestive tract, its many convoluted sections rip and tear on the splintered rib bones. Chunks of undigested pizza, pickles and hardboiled egg splatter on the floor in a growing puddle of pungent slop. The fox eats discriminately around the spoils knowing instinctively, such contents are better left for forensic inspection or rodents.
When the fox mauls at the kidneys, its paw inadvertently touches down and punctures the bladder. The contents spew upward, creating an objectionable spray laced with fermented victual. The fox leaps in retreat; it growls and bares its teeth in supposed anger. It leaves the jagged fissure with its more desirable contents and circles the head. It paws and gnaws at the eyes until their inherent shape collapses like broken egg. It laps hungrily at the contents of its ocular bounty; a low growl of pleasure accompanies his defilement. Seemingly satisfied, it leaps in exit through the very opening it arrived through.
The girls drive the two and a half miles to the police station in silence. The public entryway to the police station is shaped like a semi circle. Anne navigates the truck up the ramp towards the entrance and as she passes the doorway, Jessica tosses the heart out the window onto the sidewalk. As the bag slides toward the door, it splits open. The near bloodless heart leaves a red trail; the truck rumbles off into the night. As the girls drive towards their final destination, Jessica creates a text message reading:

You did it. We undid it. An eye for an eye. The score is even! Feed the beast his due bounty!
She pushes send, a few moments later, the cell phone in Bill’s apartment buzzes; message received. She next places a call to the police station.
“Witch City Police Department, Sergeant Dinabolo speaking. This call is being recorded. Is there an emergency?”
In an obviously masked husky sounding voice, Jessica responds. 
“Officer Dinabolo, there is a human heart from a now dead man, inside a plastic bag on the station’s doorstep. You can find the rest of him at 4318 Mishit Parkway, apartment one. His name is Bill; enjoy the scenery; have a good night sir….”
“Who is this? Is this a practical joke, what are you talking about?”
“Sir, this is no joke, good night!”
The connection is broken; they look at each other for a moment in silence, in wordless agreement they have completed their grisly task; a task set upon them by a desperate instigator. Jessica takes the disposable phone, wipes it down and hurls it at the ground as hard as she can while they drive; it is pretty much obliterated from the impact. Moments later a passing car crushes it to an indistinguishable mass.
Apparently, Officer Dinabolo investigated the basis of the call. Within minutes, the rumor of sirens from several municipal authorities can be heard approaching the vicinity of Bill Kidd’s apartment.
Anne cuts the motor of Bill’s truck at the crest of a small hill leading to Forest River Park. All that can be heard is the crunching of gravel and twig as the vehicle rolls unimpeded down the entrance road to its final destination, the water’s edge. There is a short embankment just prior to the water where she stops the vehicle. Ann sops a towel in the salty harbor waters and methodically wipes down the finger printable areas with briny water to obliterate any possible lifting of latent prints. Jessica jumps out and walks around to where Anne is completing her commission. She whispers,
“Hey, should we roll it?”
“That’s precisely my plan baby-J. But first, take the shovel and that fucking can, and heave it as far as you can!”
Anne releases the emergency brake and the truck lumbers slowly down the few feet to the waters of Salem Inner Harbor. The truck enters nearly without sound and rolls slowly out further and further from shore until coming to a halt in soft mud, it will sink slowly in the mud; right up to the open windows. Anne whispers to Jessica,
“Okay baby-J, we’ll stay on the beach until we get to Sumner; any blood on our shoes will wear off in the sand. Then we’ll take the street; it’s the darkest route!”
Jessica nods, the girls jump down onto the sand, making their way along the water’s edge under shadow of the sea wall. After traversing the equivalent of several street blocks, they climb over the wall and enter onto Sumner Street as planned.

As they walk up Sumner Street, under the cover of the moonless night, Jessica turns to the barely visible Anne and whispers, 
“Anne-Bella, we have to ditch the clothes!”
 “We’ll go to your house?”
“Right! So--you wanna stay over?”
“Ummm, well I wasn’t planning on it--it like, didn’t even enter my mind--until this very second!”
“Figures--isn’t it just like you to have it all planned out--not! What would you do without me?
Anne whispers,
“Probably be rich and famous!”
“So--where’m I gonna sleep?”
“Not to worry…I got it covered!”
“Jess--you’re too much--always the boy scout!”
“I know!”
She giggles quietly. Anne nudges her and says at a murmur,
How’s that working out, havin’ all that house and no one in it?”
“Hey, I deal--too bad you’re not there! At least I know you--so it wouldn’t ever be a problem in my massive expanse of house; I don’t even know what possessed me to buy it alone!”
“Hmmm, planning on having major parties are we?”
“So, Anne, you should dump your apartment and come live with me in the humongo palace of the Jess!”
“You’re soft!”
“No seriously, after I clean all that construction shit out, I’ll have tons of room for you and all your stuff! Besides, I’d rather live with you than some guy I’ll probably have to toss out after he loses his job and turns out to be a total bum! Story of my fucking life!”
“Yup, no shit there!”
“Whadya you pay nine-fifty plus?”
“Yup, for two bedrooms, that I don’t even use. Talk about grandiose plans right; figured I’d have a roomy but that never gelled; she went out and bought a house instead!”
She nudges Jess,
“Hey, sometimes we both have our heads up our ass!”
“Hey better than up yours!”
Jess stops short, grabs Anne’s arm and says,
“You little shit…!”
“No, it would be a big shit!”
“Jess you love my ass and would die without me; go on, admit it, you would, right!”
Anne pokes at her in random places trying to avoid her fingers being grabbed.  Jess is clearly dumbfounded,
“Uhhh, bite my…!”
“Whip it out my little ho!”
“Okay, stop…!”
“Awww, what’s the matter--little Jess got her panties all in a wad?”
“What panties?”
“Oh skip it!”
“So where was I? Oh, so like I was sayin’ I pay twelve with utilities and taxes! Your half would be six! That’s like four hundred you’d have. Just think of what you could do with that much!”
“Anne and Jess stop walking, Anne says facetiously,
“Ya, buy clothes that you’ll end up wearing on your dates when I’m not looking! And of course smellin’ ‘em up with your undie-less vagi!”
“Anne, you suck! You just plain suck; I would not wear your stuff unless I was with you; damn girl!”
“Oh stop! I’m just fuckin’ with you--as always--but I got you good though, huh, huh, huh?”
Anne pokes at her again. Jess lowers her voice,
“So, you should give your notice tomorrow! By the time you’re free of his rent, my project will be done and you can call my place home sweet home!”
“Oh my God! Really! I just wet myself!”
Jess pushes her away in jest,
“Ya, and whose smelly now?”
“Stop! Okay, so I dump my place, bring my shit over--sleep with my slut girlfriend?”
“Hmmm sleeping with your slut girlfriend, that could be interesting--they’d  talk about us though! I can see it now: two slut girlfriends share the same bed--full story at eleven!”
“Oh puleeaazzee !”
“Okay, so let’s get cereal a minute. Really Anne, you can move in, and the guy thing, well that won’t be a problem; I can promise you that!”
“Jess, that thought never even entered my mind; so we’re way cool there!”
Anne grabs Jessica’s face and smacks a kiss on her. Jess smiles and says,
“Anne, anyone ever tell you, you’re the bomb!”
“Ya, you just did!”
She throws her arm around Jessica’s waist, the girls walk silently, seemingly deep in thought, the rest of the way in the darkest of shadow.
They arrive and enter Jessica’s house, Anne follows her through the family room.
“Yikes!  That couch must have cost you a mint; love that table!”
“I know someone…”
“I bet; what’s his name?”
Her name is Leanne, she gave me a really good deal but I had to sleep with her to get it! No, but really, she came over and did everything on her computer!”
“Nice, very nice!”
They next pass through the kitchen.
“Wow!  This is awesome!  Oh, my God; a double stove!  I love you!  Look at this stuff!  Thanksgiving at Jess’s house this year; I’ll cook!”
“Tell me what you really think!”
Anne laughs,
“I’m serious!  I’ll cook us meals like you’ve never had!  Everyone can come!  Pies, stuffing, mashed; you name it!”
“Anne, I’m gonna hold you to it!”
“Only thing in the deal, you gotta clean up after!”
“Awww, I can’t take it out in trade?”
Anne replies,
Trade this!  So what’s next?”
They walk slowly,
“Now, for piece-di-resistance! Wait’ll you see the hot tub! You can get to it from here or my bedroom!”
“Ohh, so, jump in the tub, get wasted then--jump in Jess’s bed and rock and roll all night long!  You’re such a slut--but--I still love you!”
”Ya, I should probably go to hot-tub-sex- addicts-anonymous huh?”
 “Jess, seriously, you’ve made this frikkin’ place so beautiful!  Look at this stuff!  I’d be honored to live here!”
She grabs Anne’s hand,
 “Good, I was hoping you’d say that!  C’mon, let’s go get naked and get this blood off us! Oh, I seem to remember you saying someplace that you promised to diddle me in the shower--right?  Don’t forget my right tit is bigger than the left!”
“You’ll never change!”
“I know…but knowin’ you Anna-banana…you would and think it’s just something people do all the time!”
“Stop!  I’m not that na├»ve--am I?”
They share a silent glance,
“I am, huh?  That’s bad huh?  Just think, one of those kinds of girls could sneak up on me and next thing you know, I’d be one of them!”  
“Hmmm, you’d make a good one!”
“You brought it up!”
Another silent stare,
“Okay, let’s get this done!  We throw all these bloodies in a bag…”
Anne replies facetiously,
“Uwww, naked with Jessie!”
Jess rolls her eyes,
“I’m sorry Queen Anne but it will have to wait!”
Their laughing echoes loudly,
“Okay the trash guys take all my trash to RESCO in Lynn to be incinerated…”
 “No evidence, no crime!”  
They disrobe and drop the clothes into a compacter bag. Anne’s eyes travel from floor, up Jessica’s body; stopping when they reach her breasts.
“Jess…you know what, you got such great tits, all pert and perky…I’d die for a pair like that!”
“Well, mine are not for sale--yet!  Maybe when I need money I’ll sell ‘em!”
Jess walks into the shower and stands off to the side, adjusting the water temperature.
 “Okay, you ready for this?”
“Do we have a choice?”
“Ya, a car wash!”
They share a giggle; Jess says,
 “You…you’re a friggin’ mess--!”
“Hey toots, you don’t look to appetizing right now either!”
“Poor choice of words?”
“Hmmm, I haven’t decided yet!”
Jess reaches for Anne’s hand, pulls her gently, but with surety and backs her under the stream of water.  The girls share a smile,
“Anne, you’re whole appearance changes when you get wet…I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are!”
“Jess!  Stop, You’re gonna make me blush!”
“Uhhh, close them!  They’re too pretty!”
Anne says, as if totally disregarding the compliment the second time,
 “It feels weird, I have no feeling whatsoever for what went down--tell me you don’t feel like that--!”
 “Honey it had to be done, well, with the exception of your bludgeoning!  But look what he did; you fucking witnessed it!”
Anne muses with a nod; her lips suddenly quiver,
“There goes the lips--listen, you saw him murder John!  I mean what the hell; you have misgivings now?  What if that was me?  Wouldn’t you kill his ass? Really girl--it’s okay--”
“Come on, let’s change the subject!  So--you have a giant J-Lo ass--and--you need a waxin’!”
Anne giggles,
“Wow, I guess that’s changing the subject!  Hey, what’re you doin’ looking at my--hair?”
“Oh stop--seriously?  Hun, guys look at guys and girls look at girls--it’s--just--sort of--normal?”
“But you’re not--sort of normal though!”
“Oh frig you--I’m more normal than you!”
Silence, save for the sound of water hitting the floor; steam fills the air around them, partially obscuring their bare bodies; it makes for almost surreal surroundings.  Anne is smiling, her gaze fixes upon Jessica’s eyes,
“Hmmm, doctor kill-me-with-your-stare?”
“Oh, sorry, just lost in thought--”
“Thoughts of…?”
“Oh, I know that just nothing--skip it.  Just turn around--your turn--”
While Jess is washing Anne’s hair, she gets close, real close, close enough for her mounds to sway across Anne’s back, the tips become quite rigid.
“Am I too rough?”
Anne chuckles,
“I don’t know--ask your boobs--they seem to be really enjoying it!”
Jess reacts with mock surprise,
“Oh, sorry--I didn’t--”
“It’s fine--don’t worry about it--I know I turn you on and make you want to jump my bones--”
Silence, Anne turns to face her and runs a soapy hand across Jessica’s cheek,
“What’s up?”
Anne pulls the washcloth out of her friends hand and tosses it aside.  She drops hers, and pulls Jessica into a tight embrace; soapy suds ooze out from between them.  She puts her lips gently on Jessica’s ear and whispers,
“Jess--I would walk on fire to protect you--I would give my life to save yours…”
She punctuates the statement with a gentle nip of the ear lobe.  Facing in opposite directions, their cheeks touching Jess whispers back.
“Anne--I know--I would give my life for you too; no matter what! You don’t have to worry, nothin’s gonna happen--okay--I promise--I won’t let anything or anyone ever hurt you!”
Jess pulls her head back so she can look Anne in the eye,
“Anne--are you gonna let go of me?”
“Oh, sorry--my bad--!”
As Anne pulls away,
“Jess, this is really funny--you know, listen--we’re best friends and…”
She chuckles,
She signs,
“Okay, fine, here goes--Jess, I’m your girlfriend and I never even thought about it--but--I’m--well, the soap didn’t help--but--I’m as horny as hell and--I actually--don’t mind it--and feel good telling you I am!”
 “Anne!  Shhhh--”
Jessica puts her soapy arm around Anne’s waist, and gently but firmly pulls her close until their pelvises touch.
Jess stands in front of Anne, their soft yet very aroused breasts mash against each other.  They stare fixedly, searchingly, into the others’ eyes. Jess runs both index finger nails slowly down the center of Anne’s back and gently over the rounded portion of her buttock.  The fingertips trace to the underside of the flank and follow the contours of the outer hip, Anne shudders.  Jess continues running her fingertips up the outer abs and traces the outside of her breasts.  Jess runs one fingertip halfway across the clavicle, then up Anne’s neck and across her parted lips; all the while, Anne is shaking noticeably. With open hands, Jess pulls Anne’s face forward and gives her a feather gentle kiss. Anne whispers,
“Jess that really didn’t help my condition!  You made--it--worse!  So this is it, you take me home, all bloody, and seduce me in your shower?  I should slap you!”
“You could have stopped me--but, I think you were enjoying it too much!  Now tell me, what guy would know how to do that!”
“Having a little trouble concentrating, are we?”
“Please don’t stop--God you feel amazing!”
Anne’s expression becomes serious as she backs Jess up against the shower wall.
“Jess, you’ve made it so bad that--!”
 She doesn’t finish her sentence; instead she places her hands gently on either side of Jessica’s face. Anne looms in tentatively; Jess can feel Anne’s warm breath against her mouth; Jess leans towards the warmth.  Their lips touch gently at first, pause for but a millisecond, as if expecting resistance.  Their coincident glassy eyes flutter; broadcasting desire, eyes speaking to the others mind.  These friends are going to trade a total giving, a totality of submission; they will give all there is to offer, all there is to receive. The softness of their lips, the warmth of their breath upon each other; it draws them, one to the other, like magnets draw metal. Their lips glide slowly, sensuously, across the others; almost as if they were buttered.  Jess seems to melt into Anne as they gently explore the warmth and softness of one another’s lips.  Jessica draws on Anne’s tongue, gently at first; their tongues glide effortlessly over the others, almost as if painting with a brush.  Their tongues undulate slowly, like snakes, as if trying to wind around the others. There is no break in their kiss; Jess presents her tongue, leaving it to be sucked on; like one would suck on a popsicle. Jess quivers, juts her pelvis forward, as if being controlled by Anne’s suckling. Jess places her arms flaccidly around Anne’s waist, gently drawing their pelvises together; she gyrates slowly in tempo with Anne’s tongue sucking. Anne releases Jessica’s tongue, their eyes open, Anne stares deeply into her soon-to-be-lovers eyes, as if searching, searching, looking for something missing. Looking for the soul?  Instead, finding the heart. The corners of Anne’s lips twitch into a smile; she closes her eyes and moves towards the warm breath of Jessica’s parted lips.
While gently grinding their hips together; the softness of their chests rub together, tip against engorged tip; soft skin pressing against soft skin. Jessica takes one in her hand and gently, but teasingly kneads it; Anne moans while exhaling into her newfound lovers mouth.  Their ragged breaths exchange, one open mouth into the other, all the while, trying to keep their lips from parting.  Jess can’t wait, she breaks the kiss, slowly descends to Anne’s tips,  gently drawing on one, then the other, all the while staring into her partners fluttering eyes. Hands gently and slowly explore, Anne pulls Jess away almost savagely by the hair.  She forces her tongue into Jessica’s mouth, thirstily seeking her tongue to intertwine slowly, yet incessantly.  The intensity increases, Anne drops to one knee to separate Jessica’s legs with her head.  Jess replies to Anne’s invasion by gently, but purposefully, straddling her face. She probes and caresses Jessica’s most sensitive area, pulling Anne’s head up so her face can penetrate deeper; she gyrates faster and faster across Anne’s face until she reaches that expected sensation. She looks up at the panting Jess.  Anne gently kisses the lips she so savagely penetrated seconds ago, before standing to embrace her tightly.  Anne removes the two fingers from inside herself and runs them across Jessica’s lips; they lap languorously at the shared bounty.  They intertwine and caress the coincident tongue; drinking each other in, as each hitched breath is exchanged. The space around them falls away, their world is right before them; in each other’s arms, in each other’s embrace, in each other’s kiss.  Nothing else matters, except how their lips relate; they hold onto each other tightly, as if afraid, almost as if afraid  the other will melt away in a wisp, away in a wisp of smoke, as if this is all a dream.
 “Jess, I need to--I have to make love to you!”
They step out of the shower, exchanging lingering and promise-filled kisses; Jess runs her fingers through Anne’s wet hair, leaving dollops of water on the floor behind.  Anne backs Jess into the bedroom; next to the bed Anne pushes Jess down.  Jess scoots to the center of the mattress, leaving a trail of wetness from her still wet hair and body.  Anne feverishly dives onto her in a straddle, cooled droplets of water running out of her hair onto Jess; each droplet causing further excitation and anticipation of what’s to follow.  She pulls Anne down until her soft chest is upon her now newly committed to partners lips.  Jess massages the tips between her lips, gently at first, then more ardently; they moan quietly, in unison.
Jess gently, yet firmly, pushes Anne over to the side, nuzzling gently with her lip on the way down to the pelvis.  Out of reflex, Anne parts her thighs in anticipation for the arrival of Jessie’s head; making her completely accessible with but a gentle nudge. Jess, gently at first, uses her lips to expose Anne’s soft insides; Anne raises her hips slowly towards Jessica’s face.  Jess answers with an aggressive swipe of the tongue, forcing the folds apart; exposing more of Anne’s inner softness.  Anne hips gyrate rhythmically; she pulls Jessica’s face deeper into her folds.
Anne can’t lie back and only be a recipient of the bliss being bestowed; she needs to reciprocate. She grabs Jessie’s leg and pulls it over her head. The soft folds begin spreading slowly, Anne can’t wait, she plunges her face deep into her lovers folds, instinctively knowing exactly where to touch down; almost as if she had done this before. They mouth each other’s insides, lips massaging and teasing the pulsing and expectant protuberances, being ever so gentle, both wanting to prolong the arrival of the all-encompassing release; each time, the climax is more intense than the previous.  It takes all their concentration to stay focused when they are continually reaching climax after climax, release after quivering release; gyrating and bucking feverishly across their lovers face each time they near one.  They appear to be tiring, yet, they seem to find the energy to press on, to push through the threshold of momentary muscular failure, as if afraid, afraid the sensations will never return if stopped. The rumor of incessant moaning and whispers of encouragement fill the breadth of Jessica’s bedroom; sounding almost as if a populace were in the throes of orgy.
Anne somehow finds the energy to take advantage of having her hands free, to gently, yet liberally, run them all across Jessie’s soft chest; kneading and tugging carefully. Frequently she would grab her lovers buttocks and plunge her face as deeply inside as possible, gyrating her face like a mad woman, making Jess drop her hips lower so Anne doesn’t have to reach for her.  The continual sound, like that of watermelon being eaten, is accompanied by animalistic throaty sounds of bliss as they penetrate deeper into the others volcanically eruptible erogenous. Anne laps like a dehydrated animal, at what copiously flows from inside her lover.  Small rivulets run through the hair and down the sides of Anne’s face as she rubs her face all about Jessica’s inners. Jess rapidly rubs her nose, lips and chin, from side to side, top to bottom, across Anne’s pinked and heady inners. In short order, Jess brings her to another intense, all-encompassing climax.
For a time, several fingers are introduced into each other, for more uninterrupted, multiples.  They treat each other like queens, for nearly the overnight, into the early dawn hour.  They switch, giver for taker, top for bottom, hands for face; always smearing the others inner offerings.  Always lapping at each other, like puppies, not wanting to miss bit, each signifying an iota of deeper bonding.  Gentle kisses, slow and unhurried, exchange deep tenderness; Harried, yet gentle, biting and sucking on each other, exchanging torrid expressions of desire. These new lovers, these new partners; Anne and Jessica, never knew, all these years, the unrequited love they keened, was  in the other.
After a time, they stop to face each other, faces just inches apart.  They listen to the other breathe; exchanging breaths, drawing in the essence of the other’s life, sharing with the other; savoring the bouquet of the others efforts to bring forth endless releases. Anne runs her fingers through Jessica’s dampened hair, inhaling her musk left there.  She reaches for Jessica’s face in the darkness and finds it, she traces the outline of her lovers lips,  Jess kisses her fingertip. She whispers,
“You make love to me like no man ever could.  I want more of it, of you!  The more you take me, the more I feel you; inside me!  I feel you flowing into me! I am so love drunk with you!”
“Jess, I never imagined how much I truly love you! How much I feel, how much I feel of you inside me; you flow like water into me, you just giving.  I feel like--like I’m swimming in you!  I can’t stop wanting to give all of myself to you!
“It’s like we were meant to be together; forever! Like finding that perfect other half, not knowing your other perfect, missing half was right in front of us!”
Jess, I want more of you--much more!  I want your heart and soul!  Jess, don’t you ever leave me!”
“Anne, you feel like--Anne--I will never leave you!  I can’t believe you were all that was missing from my life--all that was missing to make me whole!  I love you Anne T; I love you with all my being!”
Two long-time friends have, on this night, become much more; as if it had been so, all along.
Across the street, in the shadows, roiling eyes watch Jessica’s abode--waiting.  A sooty wisp glides across the way; Sanaphea vanishes into the fox’s body and remarks to her conjoined,
“I hope you’re satisfied!  They did all that was required!  Thankfully, I didn’t have to join you in the spoils like Crystal!  I truly do not want to ever experience that again!”
“Sanaphea, we do have an understanding--we both do have needs--mine just--satisfies yours!  These two, I notice, didn’t seem to need much of a nudge!”
“Ba’Gatz--trust me, they would have ended up in bed soon enough.  They enjoyed so much of my presence they will never be the same.  What’s amazing too is they still cannot get enough of each other, even without my presence!”
“You enjoyed yourself?”
“Incalculably!  I’m quite ready for another couple!”
“Patience Sanaphea, patience!”
“Must you always make me watch you defile--it’s truly disgusting?”
“I would think by now you would have gotten used to it and even wanted some yourself; there’s always plenty to go around!  I do have a question--why do all the women you enter end up turning?  What do they have a little switch inside you just flip?”
Ba’Gatz, I guess you don’t know about women--we can go all night!  Suits me just fine; besides, the straight ones behave almost as if they always were.  Girls that love each other soon become totally committed to the other in every way, shape, and manner!  So I get sex toys  and you get your little tools of the trade!
“Ya--I suppose it’s not so bad they won’t remember how they turned”
“Exactly Ba’Gatz, exactly!  And if we ever need to play with them again, they’ll be like pros; their subconscious will treat any action as commonplace and carry it out flawlessly!”
Anne and Jessica are love-drunk from their night of lovemaking. They feel weak in the others presence, as if melting like butter into each other. Their lips are inseparable. Their utterances of love often punctuated with squeezes and kisses. They both call out ‘sick’ for the day, Friday, the holiday weekend; four days to get their affairs in order, four days to fall hopelessly and irreversibly in love with the other.
They empty Anne’s apartment over the weekend

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