June 21, 2012

The new E-book is available for $2.99 USD  follow the link and be  scared witless by Blood Majik!

Wanting someone to control forever can have deadly ramifications-“Blood Majik”

How do you control someone? Ask a witch, grab a dove and pray you don’t piss anyone off “Blood Majik” https://www.createspace.com/3914808

Hecate is the guard between the realms, your meddling with dark magic left the door open-Ba’Gatz smells blood “Blood Majik” 

A witch with power beyond belief tricked into a ritual she ought not be playing with.  “Blood Majik out soon in e-book format 

Girls and their toys, boys will be boys; blood-let a dove and invite demons to tea!!  “Blood Majik” in e-book format 

A demon on the run, a demon with a mission, a demon with a warped sense of justice “Blood Majik”  

A tattoo with a hidden power, a fox with attitude, a rare blood type-sounds like a recipe for disaster “Blood Majik”  

Blood Majik available in printed copy at my e-store https://www.createspace.com/3914808 for only $10.95 USD

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